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How to Buy a Foreclosure at Gwinnett County Courthouse Steps * 678-892-6969

As a result of listing foreclosures, people tend to ask me questions about ALL foreclosures. Today’s topic is about how to find and purchase a Gwinnett County Foreclosure at the Court (steps). Foreclosures sales are conducted on the Gwinnett County Courthouse Steps the first (1st) Tuesday of every month following the last consecutive date of the legal ad posting. The date of the sale is specified in the legal ad and the last consecutive date for posting is included at the bottom of the legal ad. The general rule is that you arrive early with certified funds in hand in the FULL amount of what you are going to bid. If you are the winning bidder, the representative will collect the certified funds and process documentation for deed transfer. The deed could take up to 90 days for finalization. However, there is no “Right of Redemption” Period in the state of Georgia. According to sources with SHAPIRO, SWERTFEGER & HASTY, LLP* Attorneys and Counselors at Law, it is best to call the office of the attorney listed in the ad the Friday prior to the foreclosure sale to know the opening bid amount, as many lenders do not disclose it to them prior to that time. Also, to ensure that the property is still going to be sold at the courthouse, as many factors could cause it to be removed from their inventory. Nonetheless, be sure to do your due diligence prior to participating in this action as all funds are NON-REFUNDABLE. The attached photo is a sample of a current legal ad for an upcoming foreclosure sale. You can find this ad and others via:, click on the drop-down menu for “Marketplace”, then “LegalAds”. Scroll over to section “950 Foreclosures”. I encourage you to read through the ads completely until you become well versed in their layout. The address and legal description of the property are always enclosed, as highlighted as well as the owner(s) names, expected sale date, the attorney’s contact information and so much more! Should you desire additional details, feel free to contact our office via 678-892-6969 or me directly via mobile, 202-345-1594.