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Intentional Velocity

I thought this was SO relevant in support real estate professionals take their businesses to the next level and using great marketing to do it! Take a lesson from Oreo and catapult your business to the next level! We have launched our 2013 Lunch & Learn Series here in our Snellville Office! Once all of the kinks are worked out, you will be invited to join us even online. The goal of these sessions are support Real Estate Professionals in putting their knowledge to work immediately! Our first one is “Creating an Effective Blog for Your Real Estate Business in 30 Mins or Less”, Wed., 2/20 @ 12noon. Space is limited & lunch is provided. RSVP to attend.

The BrandBuilder Blog

During the Superbowl on Sunday, there was a little glitch with the lights. They went out. We’re talking blackout. Within minutes, Oreo released the above image across several key social media channels. Not Duracell, not Energizer, not G.E…. Oreo.

Clever. And it paid off for the brand.

Why was this a win? Four interwoven reasons: Velocity, relevance, wit and execution.

Wit, relevance and execution, most ad agencies can handle. Velocity, on the the other hand (generating ad-quality content and publishing it as meme-like social content), not so much. That’s still rare.

I want you to think about obstacles vs. enablement.

I want you to think about culture and operational agility.

Something like this doesn’t happen by accident. You have to have the right people in place, the right presence on key channels, the right support from management, the right kind of relationship with your community, and an eye towards real-time community…

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FMLS – NEW FIELD “Availability to Receive Offers” & More

Hello, Fellow RE Professionals! I know I am a day early as I don’t usually post the new blog until Thursday, but I thought it was especially noteworthy to make this week’s changes with First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) a part of our blog as being a productive real estate professional you should be kept in the know and as Buyers & Sellers – you will now know what to ask your RE Professional in respect to the status of the listing(s) for which you are interested. READ FURTHER TO LEARN ABOUT THE CHANGES EFFECTIVE TODAY 8/8/2012!

Per FMLS “One of the most common complaints we hear from our members is that agents do not change the status of their listing from Active when there are various conditions in place that may delay a response from the seller upon presentation of an offer. For example,

a)    The seller has an offer in hand and wants to receive other offers (multiple offers) before responding to any one of them

b)    Seller has set a future date for responding to any offers – “highest and best”

Lenders, banks and government agencies all have their own rules for marketing listings before reviewing offers.  We understand that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo, BOA, HUD, etc. may require a specific amount of days to pass while listed in the MLS before offers can be presented to the seller and/or before investor offers can be presented.

Therefore, to help alleviate this issue for our members, FMLS is adding a new required field to all listings:

Availability to Receive Offers:

  1. No conditions
  2. Conditions exist – see Private Remarks

As of August 8th, all current active listings will be transferred into the selection “No conditions.” At this time, members should edit all current listings that have ANY restriction or encumbrance such as those listed above, and change the selection to “Conditions exist – see Private Remarks.”  Then use the Private Remarks to explain the situation.

As of August 8th, upon entry of a new listing, members will be required to choose a selection for this new field. If the listing is subject to ANY restrictions or encumbrances similar to those listed above, the user must select “Conditions exist – see Private Remarks.”  Then, of course they would use the Private Remarks to explain the situation.

Going forward, whenever conditions arise that inhibit the ability of the seller to respond timely to an offer, the listing agent must change the Availability to Receive Offers field selection to “Conditions Exist – see Private Remarks”.  And again use the private remarks to explain the situation.

FMLS believes this is the best solution for such a major problem that is plaguing our members. For the listing agents, it allows the listing to still be in the “Active” status.  On the selling side, it puts the agent on notice that there is something going on with the listing that may cause delays in the seller responding to offers.

If a listing cannot be shown, that is an entirely different matter. The listing may not remain in the Active status if it is not able to be shown.  FMLS provides the following statuses for the most common situations:

  • Contingency with Kickout – under contract but contingent upon purchaser selling another property, seller willing to consider other offers
  • Contingency Other – under contract with purchaser having a specified time to resolve an outstanding issue(s)
  • Contingency Due Diligence – under contract pending result of purchaser’s due diligence review
  • Pending Lender Approval – terms are acceptable to seller and purchaser, awaiting Lender action
  • Pending Sale – under contract, awaiting closing

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can solve this issue and serve our members in the best possible way. Should you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 404-255-4219 (option 1). We stand ready to serve you.” Make it a WINNING WEEK!

Productive Day

What do you consider a productive day? Today, I began my day with both of my accountability partners, being honest about my progress over the past week and outlining activities to accomplish by next Thursday. I went on from that and attended a training for a platform that we now have to offer our agents and learned about so many benefits to connecting my clients to the Credit Coach software. Then on to checking emails, finding out I needed to get the Gwinnett Police involved with a matter for one of my listings to obtain a police report. Met the police at the property, took pictures of the damages to upload to the asset manager. Talked to a perspective agent about joining our office yet will definitely have to coach her in handling short sales effectively (I look forward to this!). Then inspected 4 HUD properties and to ready one to close. Stopped by my mentor’s to see the package that was sent to me from my out of state mentor…this amazed me and showed me just how well God chooses to bless me. Then stopped to make a bank deposit…got Burger King Veggie Whopper to hold me til dinner…in between time talked to Criss Cross rep, Bank of America, wrote out a plan for a Agent Jumpstart (UPCOMING & EXCITING), made a list of others that could benefit from Credit Coach and shared the link with 3 people right after my initial post on FB regarding the benefits. Whew! I am still energized! I am going to enjoy dinner with my husband and son then upload reports to Asset Manager and prepare my reference sheet for a paper I have due in 2 weeks…Oh, I also will get commercial properties to a prospect looking for a space for a school.  I know I’m forgetting something else that was done all the while receiving calls from other agents to show my listings and buyers interested in purchasing.  I lead an exciting life and I love what I do. Can u say the same thing? If not, what has to happen for those to be your words also?

You’re NOT REALLY Handling Your Business!

You’re not really handling your business and you know it!  No one has to tell you that if you are really willing to be honest with yourself.  Think about it…………………………………………………………….. Done thinking?  Sure you are.  How many phone calls did you make in the last month prospecting for new business? Referrals? Prospective REO business? How many Asset Management companies did you sign up with in the last week?  Okay, how many new deals did you initiate since last Thursday?  If you can’t answer or refuse to answer or answered with less than you know you are capable of handling, then you are not “handling your business”.  Let’s stop playing with it.  Are you in? Or, are you out?  You must decide.  To continue to give less than your best shouldn’t be acceptable to you for yourself.  You are all too familiar with your inner self-talk of being disappointment, saying you are going to do better tomorrow, or challenging yourself for 1 week only to fall off the next.  Let’s get it started!  Do you really want to make “it” happen?  Let’s put in some stop-loss insurance by identifying an accountability partner who will really hold you accountable.  Or, who you will hold yourself accountable to.  Then, let’s identify 1 short term goal (so short that it has to be accomplished within the next week), then a goal for the next month, then a goal for the next quarter.  We aren’t going no further out than next quarter.  Why?  Do you really have to ask?  You have been promising yourself a lot of things without a deadline or one that is so far away, you give yourself too much time to accomplish it.  The goal here is to get you in the habit of accomplishing the goals you set and rewarding yourself regularly.  As this habit is formed, you will achieve more in less time.  You now have a partner! Let’s make it happen! – Comment publicly or send me an email of your thoughts, goals or whatever sparked in you as you read this.

Multiple Streams of Business (Oops forgot to Publish)

This was the post for 3.1.2012…What are you doing to create multiple streams of business? With the changes in the economy over the past several years, many real estate professionals have dug in their “Acres of Diamonds” and found some lucrative gems with REOs (bank owned properties, foreclosures).  Others to found alternatives by handling BPOs (broker price opinions).  A BPO is an evaluation and analysis of what the property’s fair market value price should be based on today’s prices and property condition.  Still others have dug up a few gems in handling short sales.  A short sale occurs when a homeowner sells the property for less than what they owe and their mortgage company approves of them doing so.  Though it is a tedious process, there is still lots of money to be made.  The misnomer is that if your property was over a certain price like $500,000 or even over $1,000,000 when the homeowner purchased it, that the bank(s) would not take less.  That is incorrect data.  They will take less.  However, there must be a verifiable financial hardship.  Nonetheless, others found diamonds by doing property management.  Still more diamonds in estate sales, receiverships, corporate sales and so much more.  The question becomes, “what were you doing when all these deals were going on all around you?” Please don’t tell me you are a real estate professional and you didn’t generate at least 4 deals of some sort for the entire previous year.  How can you call yourself a “professional”? Yet there are staggering numbers of real estate agents/brokers that are doing just that.  I love the business that I am in and my work ethic shows it, not just my conversation.  My goal this year is to produce 7 additional streams of business.  I affirm it, then followup with the necessary actions to support the results I expect to achieve.  You can do it too! Last year, one of my goals was to become a HUD listing broker.  Guess what, it is so! Not only that, I expect to be the master trainer for doing HUD deals!  Guess what, I am well on my way.  My new goal for HUD properties is now to become an active Listing Broker with all 3 Asset Managers in the Atlanta region and to do so this year! I expect to make a positive impact on the real estate industry for many years to come and to teach/coach others to do the same thing. How many deals are you planning to do this year? What will you have to do or who will you have to become in order to create this success?