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Obtaining A Septic Clearance Letter – Gwinnett County

Obtaining A Septic Clearance Letter – Gwinnett County.


Obtaining A Septic Clearance Letter – Gwinnett County

To obtain a “Septic Clearance Letter” (the official name for it is called, “Visual Inspection for Real Estate Closing“) in Gwinnett County the HOMEOWNER/SELLER is required to complete the required form in the Environmental Health Section of the Gwinnett County Board of Health.  They are located at 455 Grayson Hwy, Suite 600, Lawrenceville, GA  30046.

This building is in theSeptic_Illustration parking lot with the Kroger and dollar movie theatre.  The office is in the old Walmart building that has been re-purposed for the county’s use.

The form is not available online ( :-/ ) yet!  The seller(s) will complete the required form and pay $100.  The typical turnaround time for the inspection when workloads are higher is 7-10 days.  The phone number to the office is: 770.963.5132 or go to their website at

There are other helpful tips and videos on the website to include videos, maintenance kits, etc.

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