Productive Day

What do you consider a productive day? Today, I began my day with both of my accountability partners, being honest about my progress over the past week and outlining activities to accomplish by next Thursday. I went on from that and attended a training for a platform that we now have to offer our agents and learned about so many benefits to connecting my clients to the Credit Coach software. Then on to checking emails, finding out I needed to get the Gwinnett Police involved with a matter for one of my listings to obtain a police report. Met the police at the property, took pictures of the damages to upload to the asset manager. Talked to a perspective agent about joining our office yet will definitely have to coach her in handling short sales effectively (I look forward to this!). Then inspected 4 HUD properties and to ready one to close. Stopped by my mentor’s to see the package that was sent to me from my out of state mentor…this amazed me and showed me just how well God chooses to bless me. Then stopped to make a bank deposit…got Burger King Veggie Whopper to hold me til dinner…in between time talked to Criss Cross rep, Bank of America, wrote out a plan for a Agent Jumpstart (UPCOMING & EXCITING), made a list of others that could benefit from Credit Coach and shared the link with 3 people right after my initial post on FB regarding the benefits. Whew! I am still energized! I am going to enjoy dinner with my husband and son then upload reports to Asset Manager and prepare my reference sheet for a paper I have due in 2 weeks…Oh, I also will get commercial properties to a prospect looking for a space for a school.  I know I’m forgetting something else that was done all the while receiving calls from other agents to show my listings and buyers interested in purchasing.  I lead an exciting life and I love what I do. Can u say the same thing? If not, what has to happen for those to be your words also?


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