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Growing Your Real Estate Business – SYSTEMATIZE IT! (Database Mgmt)

Who knows that YOU are in real estate?  If I stood you before your town, family, friends, colleagues and your life depended on what they knew about your real estate business, would your life be saved because of the volumes of information they would share? Or, would you lose your life right before their eyes?  I want to believe it would be the earlier.  Nonetheless, to ensure that they know that you are a real estate professional, let’s JUMP-START your fame and popularity by you setting up a CRM (Customer Relations Management) database.  This can be done pretty simply if you have contacts already in an email system, such as Outlook or GoDaddy’s Webmail, Gmail, etc.  Simple, import all of your contacts into a database separated by categories, that you can preferably assign automated campaigns to keep them informed of your knowledge, skills and abilities.  Then, as you list properties and sell them too, you can make them aware of what’s going on in the geographic area(s) that you serve.  At EXiT Realty Integrity Group, you could do this very easily by using a software called, PromoShop.  It will allow you to import your contacts into specific groups, then to disseminate information based on the criteria you set.  It’s about doing something once and getting the residual effects of it over and over and over again.  Other database management systems are available if you are not with EXiT Realty.  Nonetheless, please get your contacts into a database and begin your drip campaigns.  Until next week, happy tweeting, blogging and facebooking your success to your sphere of influence (SOI…remember this as it will come up in the next couple weeks)!  Next Week’s Topic:  LEAD GENERATION & YOUR PIPELINE…if you don’t have a pipeline of business that is being cultivated and made ready for harvest are you in business.Image


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Growing Your Real Estate Business – SYSTEMATIZE IT! (SCHEDULE)

How systematized is your business?  Our goal is to assist you in treating your business like a business and to get you to “income producing” if you are not and “profitable”.  So, let’s get started!  What is your schedule?  If you are in business for yourself, yet you do not have a SCHEDULE, then I can almost guarantee that you are not producing at the levels that you could.  I know, as an “Independent Agent”, you are “independent”.  However, if you think about business in general and those that are performing at higher levels, one thing they have in common is a SCHEDULE.  You too are creating a mindset to perform at higher levels of production.  To do this, write out your schedule.  (Yes, I said, “Write” not “type”.)  Typing is an unnecessary time-waster for this activity.  A SAMPLE SCHEDULE could be:

6am – Hour of Power – Recharge – Affirmations

8-9am – Role Play

9-10am – Prospecting (Goal is to set 3 appointments!)

11-12 – Voicemails & Emails

12-1p Lunch/Break/Recharge

1-2p  Lead Followup (if no leads to follow-up on; Prospecting)

2-6p Appointment Preparation and Appointments

6pm – Review your day, outline the Top 6 tasks (separate from your schedule for the next day)

630p – Enjoy your family!

Champions are made not born! Our next post will challenge you to with Database Management. Are you a secret agent?  If I stood you before those in your town or even your friends and family…how well would they know what you do?