Monthly Archives: January 2012


In my almost 10 years of licensed real estate, I have never encountered the ruthlessness and lawlessness that some real estate professionals are stooping to. I have showings set up for a property that continues to draw attention and interest. Buyer financing continues to be the issue. So, we go under contract with the buyer who is represented by a Buyer Representation. The Buyer’s Broker made mention of possible pre-settlement occupancy for his client. This is not permissible by the Seller until we could find out definitively what the status of the Buyer’s loan is. No response had come from the Buyer’s loan officer until today after I communicated terms regarding trespassing to the Buyer’s Broker. I was notified by one of the agents expecting to show the property that the property is indeed occupied. The Buyer’s Broker is continuing to attempt to defend the Buyer’s position to occupy the property on the basis of him mentioning possible leasing terms (nothing agreed upon in writing nor otherwise). Now, any sensible real estate professional would not attempt this line of communication with another real estate professional unless he really thought the other professional was unlearned. Now, that we have spoken with the loan officer, it boils down to the loan cannot be closed until the end of February. The Loan Officer is adamant about not vouching for an earlier closing even though the Buyer’s Broker is still insisting that it can be done. I have let the Buyer’s Broker know that an extension has not been granted by the primary short sale lender, the Seller will communicate also tomorrow, however, it is necessary for the lockbox be put back on the front door with the key as showings are arranged and must be granted. So, how would you respond? What steps would you take for this to be resolved amicably?. What other measures would you take?


It feels so good to accomplish so much in one day! Thank you to the lovely people I met today at Empire Realtists (Atlanta)! I look forward to working with each of you!